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Care for an Animal in Need from Our Shelter

Do you have a caring heart and a nurturing spirit? Consider becoming a foster parent for animals in need at the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter. Fostering is a rewarding and invaluable experience that saves lives and provides temporary care and love to animals on their journey to finding forever homes.

Why Foster?

1.) Saving Lives: By opening your home to foster an animal, you're directly saving a life. Fostering helps us free up space in the shelter, allowing us to rescue more animals from overcrowded situations and provide them with the care they deserve.

2.) Critical Care and Socialization: Many animals in shelters require special attention, rehabilitation, or socialization before they can be ready for adoption. Fostering allows them to receive the individualized care and support they need to thrive in a home environment.

3.) Preparing for Adoption: As a foster parent, you'll play a crucial role in preparing the animal for their forever home. By providing them with love, stability, and positive experiences, you'll help them build trust, learn essential skills, and become more adoptable.

Foster Program Highlights:

1.) Flexible Commitment: Fostering can vary in duration, from a few weeks to several months, depending on the needs of the animal and your availability. We'll work with you to find the right foster match and ensure a comfortable timeline.

2.) Supplies and Support: We provide necessary supplies such as food, bedding, veterinary care, and medication. You'll also have access to our experienced staff who can offer guidance and support throughout the fostering journey.

3.) Tailored Matchmaking: We carefully assess the needs of our animals and consider your preferences and lifestyle to make the best foster match possible. Whether you're comfortable with cats, dogs, or other small animals, we have foster opportunities available for you.


How to Get Involved:

1.) Application and Interview: Complete a foster application form and participate in an interview to discuss your experience, preferences, and availability. We'll work together to determine the best foster placement for you.

2.) Orientation and Training: Attend a foster orientation session to learn about our foster program guidelines, policies, and procedures. You'll receive comprehensive training to ensure you're equipped to provide the best care to your foster animal.

3.) Foster Care Agreement: Sign a foster care agreement that outlines the responsibilities and expectations of both the shelter and the foster parent. This agreement helps ensure the well-being and safety of the animal during the fostering period.

Contact Us:

Become a lifeline for animals in need and experience the joy of fostering. Join us today and help make a lasting difference in the lives of these deserving animals!


By becoming a volunteer, you can make a positive impact on the lives of homeless animals and help create a brighter future for them.


Fostering allows the animals to receive the individualized care and support they need to thrive in a home environment to prepare for adoption.


If you are unable to devote the time to volunteering / fostering, but would still like to help, please visit the Ways to Give page for more information.

Foster with Breckinridge County Animal Shelter

We are so thankful for our wonderful fosters and all their hard work!

Unable to adopt, but still want to help?

There are many ways to help the shelter other than adopting an animal! You can donate directly to our shelter, become a volunteer, foster an animal, sponsor an adoption, donate supplies, and much more. We appreciate your willingness to help these animals in need!


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